Category: Tray-based stereoscopes

  • Stéréo-Classeur Leroy

    Stéréo-Classeur Leroy

    Le Stéréo-Classeur Leroy is a tray-based stereoscope that was designed by Guérin and De Lens and introduced in 1921.

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  • Stéréoscope-Classeur Portatif

    Stéréoscope-Classeur Portatif

    Mackenstein’s Stéréoscope-Classeur Portatif is a compact and rare stereoscope. It is one of the most compact tray-based stereoscope with an…

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  • Stéréothèque à foyer court

    Stéréothèque à foyer court

    Le Stéréothèque was Mattey’s first tray-based multi-view stereoscope.

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  • Hemdé Série II

    Hemdé Série II

    The Hemdé Série II stereoscope was introduced to support 6 x 13 cm glass stereoviews and larger formats.

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  • Astra


    At first glance, L’Astra appears to be an enlarged version of Le Polyphote. The functions and the mechanism show similarities, but…

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  • Polyphote


    Bize’s Polyphote is a more conventional multi-view stereoscope based on slide trays.

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  • Taxiphote 1bis

    Taxiphote 1bis

    The Taxiphote 1bis is a sophisticated tray-based stereoscope for 6 x 13 cm glass stereoviews.

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  • “Le Nain”

    “Le Nain”

    Le Nain is a curious viewer. “Le Nain” means dwarf in French, and it emphasises the compact design of the…

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  • Taxiphote Simplifié

    Taxiphote Simplifié

    The Taxiphote Simplifié is a simpler version of the advanced Taxiphote. The stereoscope was introduced by Jules Richard in 1908.

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