Stereoscopy History, the beginning
1850 - 1870
Early Stereoscopy
Stereoscopes & Cameras
1850 - 1930
Stereoscopes & Cameras
Erotic stereoviews
1900 -1920
Erotic Stereoviews
The Great War
1914 - 1918
The Great War
Early Colour Photography
1907 - 1930
Early Colour Photography
Digitising and preservation of stereoviews
Digitise & Preserve

Stereoscopy is a technique to create the illusion or perception of depth when viewing stereoscopic images. Today we call it 3D, but the technique is more than 175 years old. After the presentation of the first stereoscope in 1838, it experienced two waves of popularity before the Second World War.

This website is dedicated to the early history of stereoscopy in Europe. It focuses on the themes of war, erotics and early colour photography. The story is told through items from André Ruiter’s antique collection.

Stereoscopy History Books

19 August 2023

All four titles are published.

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