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The Taxiphote 1bis is a sophisticated tray-based multi-view stereoscope for 6 x 13 cm glass stereoviews, designed and manufactured by Jules Richard. The first model was presented in 1900 and was called Stéréo Classeur, but soon the name Taxiphote was introduced. The Taxiphote remained in production for 35 years and offered more or less the same features during its lifetime. The internal mechanism was improved through the years while the appearance stayed the same. Richard introduced a simplified model of the Taxiphote in 1908.

Richard refers to the different Taxiphote models in his catalogues as1:

  • Taxiphote normal or foyer moyen –  45 x 107 cm
  • Taxiphote no. 1 – 7 x 13 cm
  • Taxiphote no. 1bis – 6 x 13 cm 
  • Taxiphote no. 2 – 8,5 x 17 cm 


Manufacturer:Jules Richard
Year of introduction:1900 (first Taxiphote)
Year of manufacture:1910–1920
Bidirectional navigation:No
Serial number:4096
Stereoview support:Glass
Stereoview format:6 x 13 cm
Number of slides:25
Lens focussing:Yes
Inter-ocular adjustment:Yes
Eyepiece blinders:No
Dimensions (L x W x H):32.5 x 32.5 x 49 cm
Other features:Storage cabinet for 8 trays (200 slides).

Jules Richard
Félix Richard (1809–1876) established in 1845 a company that was specialised in the manufacturing of barometers. Jules Richard (1948–1930) took over the management of his father’s company in 1876, and patented in 1880 the first reliable barometer that could permanently record air pressure. The barometer became very successful, and the company at 25, Rue Mélingue in Paris started to grow. Richard introduced the compact 45 x 107 mm glass stereoview format and Vérascope stereo camera in 1893. It became a great success and the Vérascope became the best-selling stereo camera of its time. A product line was created around the new format, with a wide range of cameras, stereoscopes and accessories in different price ranges. The company became the leading brand of stereoscopy products and brought stereo photography within the range of amateurs. Their product names, such as Vérascope and Taxiphote, were commonly used as synonyms for stereo cameras and stereo viewers of all kinds.
The complete story of Jules Richard


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