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The Zeiss Ikon branded 628/8 hand-held stereoscope for 6 x 13 cm stereoviews was originally designed and manufactured by ICA from Dresden. ICA adopted the new stereo glass formats 45 x 107 mm and 6 x 13 cm that became popular in France. The success of glass stereo photography was more modest in Germany than in France, but ICA released a series of stereo cameras and stereoscopes that were continued after the merger of ICA and three other manufacturers to the new Zeiss Ikon company. The original ICA numbering of the stereoscopes was maintained in the Zeiss Ikon catalogues. The construction and optics of the 628/8 stereoscope are of high quality. A model for 45 x 107 mm stereoviews was available as Betrachtungs Apparat 628/6.


Manufacturer:ICA / Zeiss Ikon
Year of introduction:c. 1910
Year of manufacture:Between 1910–1940
Stereoview support:Glass and paper stereoviews
Stereoview format:6 x 13 cm
Lens focussing:Yes
Inter-ocular adjustment:No
Eyepiece blinders:Yes
Dimensions (L x W x H):17 x 14 x 10.5 cm

ICA, or Internationale Camera AG, was a significant camera manufacturer based in Dresden. ICA was formed in 1909 as a merger of four different German camera makers: Hüttig AG in Dresden, Kamerawerk Dr. Krügener in Frankfurt/Main, Wünsche AG in Reick near Dresden, and Carl Zeiss Palmos AG in Jena. The merger was a strategic move to consolidate resources and compete more effectively in the growing camera market. ICA became one of the largest camera manufacturers of its time. The company produced a wide range of cameras, including stereo cameras, and also stereoscopes. In 1926, ICA merged with three other German camera manufacturers: Contessa-Nettel, Ernemann, and Goerz. This merger led to the formation of Zeiss Ikon.