Category: Stereo cameras

  • Stéréocycle Simplifié

    Stéréocycle Simplifié

    Le Stéréocycle Simplifié is a simplified version of the Stéréocycle. The camera was introduced in 1905 by Lucien Leroy.

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  • “Francia” No. 4

    “Francia” No. 4

    La “Francia” No. 4 is a versatile camera manufactured by Mackenstein from Paris. The camera can take both stereo and…

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  • Platoscope


    Le Platoscope is a basic stereo camera that was made by an unknown manufacturer.

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  • Chambre Noire Série III B

    Chambre Noire Série III B

    The Mackenstein Chambre Noire Série III B camera was manufactured between c.1888 and c.1915

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  • No. 402 Chambre Stéréoscopique

    No. 402 Chambre Stéréoscopique

    The No. 402 Chambre stéréoscopique en noyer ciré is a rare stereo camera that was manufactured by Photographie Vulgarisatrice.

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  • Heag IV

    Heag IV

    The large Heag IV stereo camera for 9 x 18 cm glass plate negatives was manufactured by Ernemann from Dresden.

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  • Reicka


    The Reicka is a folding stereo camera for 10 x 15 cm glass plate negatives that was developed by Emil Wünsche…

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  • Stéréocycle


    Le Stéréocycle is a Jumelle-type camera. The name “Stéréocycle” is based on its clever design that uses rotation cycles to…

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  • Vérascope No. 6bs

    Vérascope No. 6bs

    Le Vérascope is a compact stereo camera that was introduced in 1893 by Jules Richard.

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