Mackenstein hand-held stereoscope

A deluxe Mackenstein hand-held stereoscope with a burr walnut finish for 8,5x17cm stereoviews. The viewer is suitable for paper card stereoviews and glass slides. The lenses can be focussed and the distance between the lenses is adjustable. It emphasises the luxury of the viewer, because interocular adjustment is not a common feature for hand-held viewers.… Continue reading Mackenstein hand-held stereoscope

Mackenstein “Francia” № 4 camera

The “Francia” № 4 is a versatile camera manufactured by Mackenstein from Paris. The camera can take both stereo and panorama photos. With the name “La Francia”, Mackenstein wanted to emphasize that his company was French, which was necessary given his German heritage and the anti-German sentiments following the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. The Francias,… Continue reading Mackenstein “Francia” № 4 camera

Mackenstein Série IIIB camera

The Mackenstein model Série IIIB camera was produced between c.1888 and c.1915[1]. It’s a large foldable tailboard camera for 18x24cm glass plate negatives. The top contains a nameplate with: H. Mackenstein Paris ~ Constructeur. The name of the manufacturer is also engraved in the wood on the front side. The front panel has two Aplanat lenses with the name Rapid Aplanat… Continue reading Mackenstein Série IIIB camera

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