Tag: Lucien Bize

  • Jumelle Lux

    Jumelle Lux

    La Jumelle Lux is a compact, binocular-shaped stereoscope.

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  • Phénix


    Le Phénix is by far the rarest of all Bize’s viewers and a very rare stereoscope in general.

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  • Astra


    At first glance, L’Astra appears to be an enlarged version of Le Polyphote. The functions and the mechanism show similarities, but…

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  • Minimus


    Le Minimus is a compact tabletop stereoscope. Its design was patented by Lucien Bize and Simeon-Louis Claparède in 1907.

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  • Omnium


    L’Omnium is a portable hand-held stereoscope.

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  • Polyphote


    Bize’s Polyphote is a more conventional multi-view stereoscope based on slide trays.

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  • Multiphote


    Le Multiphote is a further development of Le Minimus and includes a slide tray to place and catch the slides.

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  • Lucien Bize

    Lucien Bize

    Lucien Bize was an engineer who designed a range of innovative and compact stereoscopes in the early 20th century.

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