Ernemann Heag XV

The Heag series of folding cameras were produced between 1900 and 1926 by Ernemann from Dresden. The abbreviation Heag stands for Heinrich Ernemann Actien Gesellschaft. Most of the cameras in the Heag series were designed for glass plates. The cameras could be completely folded so they were easy to carry and the lenses and shutter… Continue reading Ernemann Heag XV

Ernemann Heag IV

The Heag IV is a large folding plate stereo camera developed by Heinrich Ernemann from Dresden. The camera supports 9x18cm glass plates as well as filmpacks. The abbreviation Heag stands for Heinrich Ernemann Actien Gesellschaft and was used for a series of folding cameras and stereo cameras. The Heag IV was produced between c.1908 and… Continue reading Ernemann Heag IV

Ernemann Magazin Stereoscope

The Ernemann Magazin was produced between 1913 and 1925. The stereoscope in this post was built between 1920 and 1925 and has serial number 1081251. It contains the new logo that was used after a collaboration between Ernemann and Friedrich Krupp AG in 1920. It replaced the famous logo with the Goddess of light. It’s… Continue reading Ernemann Magazin Stereoscope

Ernemann Universal Stereoscope

The Ernemann Universal Stereoscope is a versatile folding stereo viewer for glass and paper card stereoviews that supports different formats. Ernemann manufactured different stereoscopes to support it’s stereo camera portfolio. This foldable viewer supports the formats 45x107mm up to 8,5x17cm. It must have been a useful device for retailers and photographers who had to deal… Continue reading Ernemann Universal Stereoscope

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