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Paris-Stéréo was a trademark of Albert Baron. The company was a publisher and seller of stereoviews and was located at 55, Boulevard Lefebvre, in Paris. Baron published a limited range of glass stereoviews, but his company is mainly known for its paper card stereoviews. A post-war catalogue contains a list of all published stereoviews with war scenes. Most series are not dedicated to a specific theme or battle, and remarkably, the series do not contain images of the Battle of Verdun. The stereoviews are technically of high quality, but many of the images were published during the war and were subject to censorship. These are not the most interesting images. Perhaps the war stereoviews were not the main focus of Baron.

Paris-Stéréo produced 10 series of 12 paper card stereoviews in the format 8.5 x 17 cm during the war. After the war, the range was expanded to 20 series. Paris-Stéréo’s war stereoviews are numbered from 2597 to 2953, but the numbering shows gaps. It seems that images were swapped with new ones. The total collection of war stereoviews is estimated at 300. The paper card stereoviews were packed in purple boxes or in envelopes. The glass stereoviews with the same image have the same number and title as the paper card stereoviews.

Paris-Stéréo catalogue
Paris-Stéréo wartime catalogue with 10 series of 12 stereoviews.