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A collection of 45 x 107 mm semi-erotic stereoviews from c. 1920. The images are printed on transparent celluloid instead of glass and have the description La Cigale Amoureuse.

La Cigale is a theatre with a rich legacy dating back to its founding in 1887. The theatre is located in the Montmartre district of Paris. The theatre quickly established itself as a hub for a wide range of performances, including concerts, operettas, and variety shows, attracting a diverse audience from the Parisian society. Throughout its early years, the place became synonymous with the bohemian lifestyle of Montmartre, hosting many of the period’s most celebrated artists and performers.

However, like many cultural institutions of the time, the theatre faced challenges, including changes in public taste and the advent of new forms of entertainment such as cinema. Despite these challenges, it remained an important cultural landmark in Paris and the theatre still exists today.

The singers and dancers who performed at La Cigale can also be seen in erotic photographs that were published by Jean Agélou and Jules Richard. The Parisian theatres turned out to be a good place to recruit models who did not shy away from posing nude.

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