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A collection of ICA postcards with drawings by Theo Matejko. The postcards were used for promotion. After ICA was merged into the new Zeiss Ikon company, the postcards were relabeled and continued by Zeiss Ikon.

Theo Matejko (1893–1946) was an Austrian illustrator. He worked on the posters for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, and he contributed to the magazine Die Wehrmacht during the Second World War1. The drawings for ICA were made in 1925 en were signed by Matejko. They were also used on the covers of ICA’s product catalogues and other advertising material.

ICA, or Internationale Camera AG, was a significant camera manufacturer based in Dresden. ICA was formed in 1909 as a merger of four different German camera makers: Hüttig AG in Dresden, Kamerawerk Dr. Krügener in Frankfurt/Main, Wünsche AG in Reick near Dresden, and Carl Zeiss Palmos AG in Jena. The merger was a strategic move to consolidate resources and compete more effectively in the growing camera market. ICA became one of the largest camera manufacturers of its time. The company produced a wide range of cameras, including stereo cameras, and also stereoscopes. In 1926, ICA merged with three other German camera manufacturers: Contessa-Nettel, Ernemann, and Goerz. This merger led to the formation of Zeiss Ikon.


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