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Éditions Artistiques Stéréoscopiques (EAS) was a publisher and seller of stereoviews in Paris. Little is known about the company. An undated catalogue shows the company’s location at 44, Avenue de Saint-Ouen, but an invoice from 1929 lists the address as 4, Rue Louis Besquel. The company was led by E. Despont and sold war stereoviews in the formats 45 x 107 mm and 6 x 13 cm. Remarkably, the company’s catalogue explicitly stated that they did not sell paper card stereoviews for the following reason:

Glass alone gives the transparency which is essential to a realistic viewing experience.

Some stereoviews contain the abbreviation “EAS”. A wooden case with 100 slides in the 45 x 107 mm format, and the original invoice from 1929, contains only nine stereoviews with the abbreviation “EAS”. Many other slides in the case have a similar style but no abbreviation. The same case also contains stereoviews that are attributed to Brentano’s. Éditions Artistiques Stéréoscopiques was probably a prominent publisher, but the size of their portfolio is unknown. More analysis of the stereoviews is needed to determine the scope and size of the publisher.