Zeiss Ikon stereoscopes

The Zeiss Ikon stereoscopes model 628/6 and the 628/8 are robust devices and support the viewing of glass and paper stereoviews. A frosted glass at the back illuminates the glass slides and a lid with mirror can be openend to view paper stereocards. The lenses can be focused and provide a large magnification that ensures… Continue reading Zeiss Ikon stereoscopes

ICA Stereospekt

The Stereospekt is a compact multi-view stereoscope with models for the 45x107mm and 6x13cm format. It’s manufactured by ICA from Dresden. The device has a different mechanism than the more common revolving or tray-type stereoscopes. Like the Multiphote, its mechanism is based on gravity to bring the slides into viewing position. The stereoscope has a… Continue reading ICA Stereospekt

Coin stereoscope

A coin operated stereoscope with a nameplate of La Stéréoscopie Universelle, one of the largest publishers of World War I stereoviews in France. The stereoscope is manufactured by Mattey[1]. It’s a simple revolving stereoscope with lenses that cannot be focused and the distance between the lenses is not adjustable. What makes this device special is… Continue reading Coin stereoscope

Mattey revolving stereoscope

The Mattey revolving stereoscope is an early 20th century deluxe rotary viewer, built by Stéréoscopes A. Mattey from Paris. The viewer supports paper and glass stereoviews in the formats 45x107mm and 6x13cm. The stereoscope is a revolving chain type model, based on a patent from 1857 by Alexander Beckers from New York[1]. This type was… Continue reading Mattey revolving stereoscope

Mattey “Le Nain”

Le Nain is a curious stereo viewer manufactured by A. Mattey from Paris. It is a cross between a handheld and multiview stereoscope and supports 45x107mm glass stereoviews. “Le Nain” means “Dwarf” and emphasizes the compact design of the stereoscope. To understand the idea behind the design, a translated quote from the 1922 Mattey catalog: The current multiview stereoscopes… Continue reading Mattey “Le Nain”


The stereographoscope is a combined graphoscope and stereoscope. This one is a French model, most likely manufactured by A. Mattey from Paris. The stereographoscope was a British invention. The first design was patented on 1 February 1864 by Charles John Rowsell[1]. It was a large viewer consisting of a large magnifying glass for viewing normal… Continue reading Stereographoscope


The Perfecscope is a Holmes-Bates type stereoscope. This type was invented around 1860 by the American poet Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. He did not patent his invention and everyone was free to develop stereoscopes based on the design. The design was further improved by Joseph L. Bates and became known as the Holmes-Bates stereoscope or… Continue reading Perfecscope

Mattey Métascope

The Unis France Métascope is one of the stereoscopes from the very extensive product range of A. Mattey. Mattey sold its products using different trademarks. The more high-quality products were sold with the Unis France brand. The Métascope was introduced in the early 1920s[2]. The model in this post is suitable for viewing 45x107mm glass… Continue reading Mattey Métascope

Vérascope revolving stereoscope

Vérascope of Jules Richard was not only the name of the stereo camera, but became also the trademark for stereoscopes and accessories that supported the 45x107mm glass format. The Vérascope revolving stereoscope is based on a patent by Alexander Beckers from New York[1]. It was therefore also called Beckers style or American style stereoscope. The… Continue reading Vérascope revolving stereoscope

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