Zeiss Jena Verant

The Verant is a stereoscope that supports multiple stereoview formats.The stereoscope has a solid metal construction and is manufactured by Carl Zeiss from Jena.

Zeiss Jena Verant

Zeiss Jena (not to be confused with Zeiss Ikon) developed various models of the Verant over the years. An early model supports 9x15cm stereoviews and was manufactured from c. 1905. It comes with a black cardboard box. The viewer in this post is a later model with serial number 9089 and supports 9x18cm stereoviews and was sold in a wooden box with a set of sample glass stereoviews.

The Verant consists of three parts: a base plate, the stereoview holder and the lens carrier. A white slide-out plate in the base plate provides a neutral background when viewing glass stereoviews. Like the Ernemann Universal Stereoscope, the holder and lens carrier can be set at an oblique angle which improves the viewing experience. It can be adjusted in an angle from 0 to 90 degrees.

The Verant can be used for viewing glass stereoviews and paper stereocards. The stereoviews can be placed in the holder and fixed by two metal clips on both sides of the holder. This is especially useful for paper stereocards that tend to curl. The clips will keep them flat.

Zeiss Jena Verant

The two 100mm lenses are of high quality and can be focussed by displacing the lens carrier. The distance between both lenses is adjustable. The lenses can be unscrewed from the carrier and stored in special holders in the wooden box.


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