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An English catalog of Jules Richard [1] shows more than 1600 glass slides in the 45x107mm format with the themes The Great War (1500 slides), Allied Peace celebrations in Paris (76) and Signature of Treaty of Peace at Versailles (28). It’s the only publisher for which it’s clear how many stereoviews with images from the First World War were published. The company’s French catalogs do not mention the stereoviews, indicating that it offered specialized catalogs here.

The glass slides bear the name Vérascope Richard and usually have a six-digit number and a handwritten or typed description. There are also slides with different number schemes [2].

45x107mm glass stereoview by Vérascope Richard
155662 – Paris – protection des monuments aux Tuileries les chevaux de Couston
45x107mm glass stereoview by Vérascope Richard


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