Zeiss Jena stereoscope

A somewhat peculiar stereoscope built by Carl Zeiss from Jena. I haven’t fount anything about this model in the catalogs of the company. The viewer most resembles a simple version of the well-known Zeiss Verant. It has the same robust features, but the lenses cannot be focused and the distance between the lenses is not… Continue reading Zeiss Jena stereoscope

Zeiss Jena Doppelverant

The Doppelverant is a simple yet versatile stereoscope for viewing glass and paper card stereoviews. The viewer can be used as a table-top or hand-held stereoscope and was designed by Moritz von Rohr of Carl Zeiss Jena[1][2]. There was also a model available for viewing “normal” images and this device was named Einzelverant[1]. The introduction… Continue reading Zeiss Jena Doppelverant

Zeiss Jena Verant

The Verant is a stereoscope that supports multiple stereoview formats.The stereoscope has a solid metal construction and is manufactured by Carl Zeiss from Jena. Zeiss Jena (not to be confused with Zeiss Ikon) developed various models of the Verant over the years. An early model supports 9x15cm stereoviews and was manufactured from c. 1905. It… Continue reading Zeiss Jena Verant

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