Stéréo-Panoramique Leroy

The Stéréo-Panoramique Leroy was an innovative camera for the 6x13cm format, developed by Lucien Leroy. The camera takes both stereo photos and panorama photos, just by switching the position of a lens as described in a patent from 1903[1]. The camera was presented on 1 May 1903. Both lenses are used in stereo position. Each… Continue reading Stéréo-Panoramique Leroy


The Stéréocycle was introduced by Bazin & Leroy in 1897. The name “Stéréocycle” is based on its clever design that uses rotation cycles to load new plates. The two 6×6,5cm glass plate negatives that make a stereo pair are placed in separate metal frames. After each exposure the cover of the magazine is loosened and… Continue reading Stéréocycle

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