Bazin & Leroy

Charles Dessoudeix was a watchmaker. His company was founded in 1872 and located at Rue de Rocher in Paris. From 1883 he helps Albert Londe with the development of camera shutters. A year later they present their first shutter under the brand name “Londe & Dessoudeix”[1-p.5].

Stéréocycle camera

The company of Dessoudeix is continued by Charles Bazin in 1891. He partners with Lucien Leroy and together they develop the Stéréocycle camera in 1897[1-p11].

Lucien Leroy - Advertisement from 1905
Advertisement from 1905

Charles Bazin leaves the company in 1899 and Lucien Leroy succeeds him. Leroy is passionate about stereoscopy and in 1903 he presents the Stéréo-Panoramique Leroy camera[1-p.12]. He leads the company until 1923 and is succeeded by Emile Guérin[1-p.13].

This postcard was sent on 20 November 20 1908 and a note in pencil tells that the request is answered on November 24, 1908.

Postcard to Lucien Leroy

The translated text reads:

M. Leroy. Engineer. Rue du Rocher

Could you send me your latest information on “Le Stéréocycle & Stéréo-Panoramique” Leroy.

Thank you and greetings

J. Manhès, Aurillac


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