Le Phénix

Le Phénix is by far the rarest of all Bize’s viewers and a very rare stereoscope in general. The stereoscope was presented as a novelty in 1908, together with Le Minimus and Le Multiphote. It was announced as Le Phœnix and presented as a revolving stereoscope with an interchangeable belt for 48 slides in the 45 x 107 mm format. In a later advertisement, it was called Le Phénix, and it supported 60 slides. There was also a 6 x 13 cm model. Le Phénix might be the most compact revolving stereoscope ever made.

Le Phénix by Lucien Bize
45 x 107 mm Le Phénix

Le Phénix contains a belt with wooden locks in which detachable metal holders with stereoviews can be placed. The belt hangs on a metal bar. Turning the knobs on the bar will rotate the belt and display the images one by one. The belt contains a handle to lift it from the device. After the left knob is loosened, the bar can be pulled out of the device, and the belt can be exchanged for a new one. At the back, a fold-out mirror can be used to direct the light and illuminate the images.

Year of introduction:1908
Stereoview types:Glass stereoviews
Supported formats:Models for 45 x 107 mm and 6 x 13 cm
Number of slides:60 slides (early models 48 slides)
Lens focus:Yes
Inter-ocular adjustment:Yes
Le Phénix by Lucien Bize
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