ICA Stereospekt

The Stereospekt is a compact multi-view stereoscope with models for the 45x107mm and 6x13cm format. It’s manufactured by ICA from Dresden. The device has a different mechanism than the more common revolving or tray-type stereoscopes. Like the Multiphote, its mechanism is based on gravity to bring the slides into viewing position.

ICA Stereospekt for 45c107mm glass stereoviews.

The stereoscope has a wooden housing on four small legs. The front panel contains a metal plate with Stereospekt – ICA Akt.-Ges. Dresden. The lenses can be focused, but the distance between the lenses cannot be adjusted. The back contains a frosted glass to illuminate the images. The serial number 85622 is engraved on the inside. The device was manufactured somewhere between 1915 and 1926.

The front panel is locked with a key and must be opened to place the glass slides. The slides are mounted in a metal harmonica belt. The belt can contain up to 12 slides. The top contains instructions on how to position the belt in the device. The instructions are written in three languages, indicating that the Stereospekt was an export product. The slides are firmly clamped in frames, which indicates that the slides should remain permanently in the belt. Regular changing could easily damage the glass and additional belts were sold separately. It’s a clever solution because the frames in the belt protect the vunarable glass slides very well. By depressing a small lever on the right side, the slides are loaded one by one.

ICA Stereospekt - Belt with glass slides
Belt with glass slides
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