Hemdé autochrome and invoice

Of all stereoscope manufacturers, Hemdé is my favourite. The Série I viewer was the first multiple view stereoscope I bought in 2019. Almost at the same time I found a rare catalog and from that moment my research into the history of the company began. I’m therefore very pleased with this acquisition of an autochrome stereoview showing a Hemdé stereoscope and an original invoice from 1913. I was able to acquire both from a regular visitor to this website.

Autochrome with Hemdé stereoscope

The 6x13cm autochrome shows a woman in a living room with a Hemdé Série II stereoscope on the table to her right. The photo is probably taken in the 1910s or 1920s. The woman is slightly blurry due to motion blur caused by the long exposure time required by autochromes. It’s a very nostalgic image.

Autochrome with Hemdé stereoscope

The invoice belongs to the stereoscope that is shown on the autochrome. It’s addressed to a Monsieur Godart with the address Rue du Gazomètre 104 in Fontenay-sous-Bois, a commune in the eastern suburbs of Paris. It shows the purchase of a 6x13cm Hemdé Série II stereoscope with serial number 247, ten slide trays for autochrome stereoviews (paniers couleurs) and three regular trays. The total amount is 201,05 francs.

Hemdé invoice from 1913
Appareils et produits “Hemdé”, 10 April 1913

The invoice is dated 10 April 1913. It mentions the address Rue Nationale, which is remarkable because the company announced a move to Rue Macquart in January 1913[1]. The move has apparently been postponed or the company still used their stock of old invoices.

Hemdé slide tray for autochromes
A wooden Hemdé slide tray for autochromes.
The thicker autochrome slides required special trays. This tray can hold 12 slides instead of the standard 24.


  1. Ventes des fonds, L’Information photographique, January 1913, p.210 – via gallica.bnf.fr
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