Ferrier & Soulier stereoviews

The glass stereoviews of Ferrier & Soulier were of a high technical and artistic level. They were very popular in the 1850s and 1860s and were admired as the finest produced. Claude-Marie Ferrier worked as a photographer for Jules Duboscq and created the first stereo daguerreotypes for him. These could be viewed with the Brewster-style stereoscopes that were manufactured… Continue reading Ferrier & Soulier stereoviews

Francis Frith stereoviews of Egypt

Francis Frith (1822-1898) was an English photographer who became famous for his photographs of Egypt and the Holy Land that he took on three trips. His photographs were also published as a collection of 8,5x17cm glass stereoviews. Frith started his career as a wholesaler in the grocery business. He earned a fortune, allowing him to retire at… Continue reading Francis Frith stereoviews of Egypt

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