Dioptichrome by Dufay

Dioptichrome was an early colour process invented by Louis Dufay in 1907. It was announced in 1908 as Diopticolore, but after an improvement it was renamed a year later to Dioptichrome. Like the autochrome process, it was based on the same principles of additive colour and the screen process but it had more similarities with… Continue reading Dioptichrome by Dufay

Hemdé autochrome and invoice

Of all stereoscope manufacturers, Hemdé is my favourite. The Série I viewer was the first multiple view stereoscope I bought in 2019. Almost at the same time I found a rare catalog and from that moment my research into the history of the company began. I’m therefore very pleased with this acquisition of an autochrome… Continue reading Hemdé autochrome and invoice

Jougla Omnicolore

Jougla Omnicolore is a lesser known colour process based on an invention by Louis Ducos du Hauron and industrialised by Jougla. It was introduced in 1907[1-p.80], the same year as the Autochrome Lumière process. Louis Ducos du Hauron (1837-1920) was an inventor and one of the early pioneers in the search for colour photography. The… Continue reading Jougla Omnicolore

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